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RESIDENTS in the vicinity of Devro’s Vale Road site were complaining earlier this week about a terrible stench.

Devro spokesman Graham McGilchrist said the company received a number of complaints on Monday morning about the odour from the Vale Road plant.

He said the plant’s monitoring and treatment systems were subject to an electrical failure because of a burst water pipe on the weekend.

“This meant parts of the effluent system did not operate properly over the weekend and when it was restarted on Monday morning the levels of dissolved oxygen were too low, which resulted in the odour being generated,” Mr McGilchrist said.

“As a result of this incident we have initiated additional checks on the system over the weekend when the plant is not fully operational.”

Mr McGilchrist said by Tuesday afternoon no more complaints had been received.

He said all residents who called Devro with a complaint received a phone call to explain what happened.

White Blue Woven Set Square amp; Men's Men's Classic Tie Necktie Handkerchief Pocket Striped Jacquard BIYINI Classic Square Blue Striped Set Necktie Men's Men's White Tie Woven Handkerchief amp; BIYINI Jacquard Pocket “Our sincere apologies to the local residents,” Mr McGilchrist said.

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