We believe we found out some of the best ways to help young people grow
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We gather together youth and adults and provide them with best knowledge and technics to make their potential shine, never mind through our great partners or everything organized by us.

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We offer young people the chance to make a difference through the European Voluntary Service. EVS gives young people the opportunity to express their personal commitment through full-time voluntary work in a foreign country within or outside the EU.



Our volunteers and team members use their expirience and knowledge in organizing different community activities from intercultural sharing to raising awareness of some very serious topics.

Association Alternativi International

Developing young people potential since 2010.
Doing things better. Together.

It's a non-governmental, non-profit making organization working in the territory of Blagoevgrad region. The main objective is to encourage personal and professional development of young people as well as adults through non formal education and also the building up and development of active citizenship among them. The organization is an alternative for young people in the region to realize their potential and become an active part of the society. "Alternativi International” is founded by people seeking the positive change for young people and adults in Bulgaria. For that reason the main target groups are youngsters aged between 17 and 30 years old and Adults 30 - 50 years old

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    Why we do all this

alternativi team

Our Team is composed of young energetic professionals dedicated to empowering youth and making the world a better place

Petya Kulina

Formal Tie Men's White Blend Tuxedo Set HDE Bow Satin Square Cummerbund and Pocket Chairperson

Georgi Kuzmanov

and Square Bow Formal Blend White Cummerbund Pocket Set Satin HDE Tuxedo Men's Tie

Cummerbund Pocket White Bow Square and Men's Blend Tuxedo Set Formal Tie Satin HDE Dr. Kiril Alexiev

Head of research department
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Georgi Dzhupanov


Latest news

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